The City of Jeffersonville – Big Four Ramp Lighting

The City of Jeffersonville – Big Four Ramp Lighting

The City of Jeffersonville – Big Four Ramp Lighting


City of Jeffersonville

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Project Description:  The City of Jeffersonville celebrated the long anticipated opening of the Big Four Ramp Project, with the completion of the handrail lighting in May, 2014.  The Big Four Bridge over the Ohio River connects the two great river cities of Jeffersonville, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky.  The former Big Four Railroad Bridge is now being utilized as a pedestrian bridge connecting both sides of the river to walkways, parks, and recreation areas.

As pedestrians exit the bridge and journey down the gently sloping, curved ramp to Jeffersonville, they will be greeted by the Big Four Station Park, currently under construction.  The ramp further directs visitors across Pearl Street toward the many shops and restaurants of Spring Street and Riverfront Drive.  Several thousand bikers, runners, and walkers cross the bridge every day.  The City of Jeffersonville looks forward to the Big Four Bridge becoming a travel destination spot, and eagerly anticipates the enormous economic impact the city will gain as well as the recreation it will provide to residents.

The lighting project was a great success as it provides a low key and beautiful ribbon of light for visitors that descend the new pathway into Jeffersonville, Indiana.

United Consulting managed the construction inspection for the installation of the Lighting Enhancement Contract.  The project included installing maintenance lighting and conduit inside the steel box girders of the ramp as well as accent lighting on the ramp piers.  The main component of the project was the installation of custom manufactured LED lighted aluminum handrail, attached to the ramp railing and stairway tower.  To make it all work, the contractor installed 2,680 linear feet of LED lighted handrail, two miles of conduit, and 8.6 miles of wire.

Approximate Project Cost:  $1,100,000

Breadth of Services Provided:  Construction Inspection