United Consulting provides construction inspection services to ensure our clients’ projects are built to exceed the clients’ expectations for accuracy and quality. Whether a large bridge construction, a small culvert replacement, or anything in-between, our construction managers will ensure your project is completed to specifications within budget and stays on schedule. 

United’s inspectors provide complete and accurate documentation for all projects. We review plans and specifications to identify any issues or savings that can be considered in advance of construction and costly impacts. Wherever you are in your project, United is your partner.  

Construction Inspection Services

  • New Bridge Construction
  • Bridge Repair and Rehabilitation
  • Road Reconstruction
  • Road Resurface/Widening
  • Storm Sewer/Water/Wastewater Construction
  • Sanitary Sewers/Lift Station 
  • Trail Construction
  • Residential and Industrial Development
  • Traffic Signal Inspection
  • Intersection Improvement

Construction Projects