I-69 Major Moves 2020 Expansion Project

I-69 Major Moves 2020 Expansion Project


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Project Description: The Design-Build Best Value contract to I-69 created an added travel lane in each direction to the median between State 37 Road (Exit 205) and State Road 38 (Exit 219) and a southbound lane along the shoulder between 116th Street and the new interchange at the 106th Street exit ramp.  The I-69 and Campus Parkway was converted from a traditional diamond to diverging diamond interchange.  The project widened and rehabilitated five twin bridges on I-69 and reconstructed three overpass bridges.

The state of Indiana and INDOT have a legacy of delivering Design-Build projects through a fixed scope and low bid procurement process.  The I-69 Major Moves 2020 built on this legacy and implemented the first Design-Build Best Value project procurement delivered by INDOT.  During this procurement, the project was broken into segments for evaluation which could be constructed for a fixed budget.  Additional value in the selection process was given to more completed segments.  The process allowed for elements of the scope to be changed if it was demonstrated the end product was as good or better than the original scope.

The budget established for the project was $85 million.  Additional value was recognized for being able to deliver extended length of added travel lanes to I-69.  IFA recognized the proposal delivered an extended design life for the pavement, rehabilitation of additional structures and added widening accomplished 18 percent more than was estimated within the $85 million budget.  The additional value was accomplished through:

  • The team developed efficiencies for Milestone Contractors through better maintenance of traffic which allowed for greater production.  The rehabilitation of the existing lanes was completed during nighttime lane closures.  Once rehabilitation was constructed, the widening for the added travel lanes was completed behind temporary concrete barriers separating traffic from construction.  The separation created increased safety for the traveling public and construction workers.  The increased construction production also resulted in the delivery of additional length of added travel lanes on I-69.  
  • The largest innovation was the pavement design which maximized keeping the existing pavement in place and the new widened pavement section.
  • The rehabilitated pavement minimized milling of recently surfaced pavement to only what was needed to create a continuous 2% cross slope.  It resulted in keeping more of the existing pavement and resulted in a 25% increase in pavement design life. 
  • The pavement widening consisted of a 14-inch HMA pavement section that exceeded the functional and structural performance thresholds.  When combined with the proposed rehabilitation strategy, the total tonnage of HMA required per linear foot is reduced from 6.41 Tons/lft to 5.03 Tons/lft, resulting in a 27% increase in the length of interstate that can be improved. 

Approximate Project Cost:  $95,000,000

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