Elkhart Signal Modernization

Elkhart Signal Modernization


INDOT Fort Wayne District

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Project Description: Truly an all-encompassing signal project, the modernization of seven signals within the city of Elkhart required the replacement of standard signal equipment, the design of nearly 20 curb ramps, and pre-emption phasing with an adjacent railroad crossing.  Although existing signal poles were utilized in many locations, a thorough utility coordination process was required to facilitate the installation of pedestrian push buttons and eliminate overhead utility crossings within the limits of the span and catenary.  Heather used a unique approach at the intersection of SR 19 and Main Street, where a dual-arm cantilever signal structure reduced the total number of signal pole foundations at the intersection.  This method also allowed the signal service to be located in a more convenient location on the north side of the intersection.

Approximate Project Cost: $1.1 million

Breadth of Services United provided: Survey, RW Verification, Environmental, Signal Design, Utility Coordination

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