96th & Fall Creek Roundabout

96th & Fall Creek Roundabout


Hamilton County Highway Department

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Project Description:  The project consisted of the reconstruction of a two-way urban road with a two-way turn lane and two major intersection improvements with one signalization and one roundabout.  The intersection was initially scoped as a signalization, but determined that a roundabout would operate at a higher level of service (LOS) and have safer operations.  The maintenance of traffic for this project included a significant closure on 96th Street which is a heavy commuter route.  The success of the MOT was a result of good communication with the bordering properties, exceptional advanced route detour signing, and disseminated public information.

Approximate Project Cost:  $2,800,000

Breadth of Services Provided: Environmental Services, Roadway Design, Right-of-Way Engineering, and Construction Inspection

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