May 29, 2020 | Westfield, IN

With the simple snip of a ribbon, Westfield Mayor Andy Cook  joined the north and south sides of the city of Westfield through the official opening of the Monon Trail over SR 32 Bridge during a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday, May 29th.  During his opening remarks, the mayor recognized United Consulting’s innovative design that resulted in lower construction bids, ultimately saving the City $500,000 from the project’s allotted budget.  The cost savings provided enough funds to finance the installation of lighting across the bridge, improving the structure’s aesthetics and safety across the bridge.


■ The federal-aid bridge was designed and inspected by United to consistently maintain the aesthetic value and match the appearance of the two neighboring Monon Trail bridges located over Carmel Drive and 146th Street.

■ The structure is a seven-span bridge with a total length of 838 feet and a main span of 176 feet over SR 32.  The structure was sized to accommodate the future extension of Tournament Trail Drive.

■ Retaining walls were constructed on the approaches to keep the bridge within the existing right-of-way limits and reduce impacts to adjacent utilities.

■ The trail connects vital portions of Westfield including many shops and restaurants at SR 32 with Grand Park Sports Campus.