HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. (Dec. 10, 2015) — The public was invited to join Indiana Governor Mike Pence and members of the General Assembly, along with government dignitaries from INDOT, Hamilton County, the city of Noblesville, and the city of Fishers at the Delaware Township Community Center to share in the excitement of the official announcement for a $124 million plan to improve the SR 37 corridor from 126th Street to 146th Street.

Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt delivered the opening remarks before introducing the Governor. “We are near capacity on SR 37. This traffic congestion causes frustration for drivers, concerns for public safety, and a barrier to community corrections for those who are traveling east to west through town,” said Heirbrandt.

During his opening remarks, Heirbrandt explained that Hamilton County commissioned a Mobility Study in 2010 to evaluate the future serviceability of the existing SR 37 corridor with relation to the rapid growth the area is experiencing.

A team led by United Consulting conducted the corridor study; specifically, with the focus of evaluating whether grade separation of the existing intersections would improve the traffic capacity, efficiency, and safety for the SR 37 study corridors without the need for additional travel lanes along this segment of the SR 37 corridor. The study revealed that if no improvements are made to the corridor, the area will be soon be experiencing gridlock for commuters.

Hamilton County Commissioners worked diligently with the city of Fishers, INDOT, and the city of Noblesville to develop a plan for the SR 37 corridor that will promote economic growth and public safety. In 2018, construction of the initial phase of improvements will begin on the corridor project. During this phase, improvements to SR 37 between 126th Street and 146th Street will convert the existing facility to a free flow parkway with roundabouts installed at 126th Street, 131st Street, 141st Street, and 146th Street. There will also be an intersection modification at 135th Street.

The plan was strategically developed by taking into consideration, the impacts the project will have to the surrounding businesses and residents along the corrido


ess said, “In order to ensure we are as sensitive as we can be to the folks that live and work directly adjacent to the corridor, the State is allowing the city of Fishers to take temporary relinquishment of that road during construction so that we can ensure that we have constant and direct communication with our stakeholders and can be sensitive to their needs.”

r while it is under construction. City of Fishers Mayor Scott Fadn

Governor Pence summed it all up, “This is a great example of good government in Indiana; communities working together — working together for the state of Indiana. We are going to install a more vibrant artery for growth and opportunity for Hoosiers for generations to come with this announcement today. This collaboration between the State and between Fishers and Noblesville and our Hamilton County Commissioners is truly inspiring.”