City of Vincennes

The United Consulting planning team works closely with clients to help enhance the quality of life in communities of all sizes. Our team utilizes an all-inclusive public visioning process to elicit the most honest and comprehensive data by speaking to participants as partners in the planning process. The process helps us define series of goals that a community wishes to achieve, improve, or maintain. Realizing these goals will provide the foundation for future planning efforts that will ensure a desired quality of life is achieved.

Transportation and land-use planning services include:

  • Asset management
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Capital improvement planning
  • Environmental studies for design projects and corridor studies
  • Grant application assistance and administration
  • Greenway/recreational trail planning
  • Historic preservation planning
  • Neighborhood planning
  • OCRA Grant administration
  • Parks and Recreation master planning
  • Project funding plans and assistance
  • Public involvement assistance (meetings, hearings, and workshops)
  • Thoroughfare planning
  • Corridor planning
  • Traffic studies
    • Project scoping
    • Traffic impact studies
    • Improvement needs analysis
  • Traffic engineering services
    • Traffic data collection
    • Traffic forecasting services
  • Urban traffic management system planning (traffic signal studies, intermodal studies, etc.)