Wabash County Bridge No. 510

Project Description:

The project included replacing the existing box beam bridge carrying Harrison Street over Charley Creek with a flared, reinforced concrete slab structure, raised sidewalk, and ADA compliant curb ramps. New bridge rail and approach guardrail were also included in the project.

The bridge was designed with a flared coping to improve traffic flow through the intersection. A flat slab was constructed to match the existing grade and limit the amount of approach reconstruction.

The approach on the west side of the bridge and the intersection of Harrison Street and Wabash Street, located east of the bridge, were also reconstructed as part of this project.

The project required extensive coordination with multiple utilities.

  • The original gas line that ran through the existing abutments was relocated under the creek.
  • The underground water lines were relocated to allow the reconstruction of the intersection.
  • The piles for the new end bents were spaced to avoid the overhead power lines. The power lines were de-energized during pile driving for safety.

Approximate Construction Cost: $650,000

Breadth of Services Provided: Bridge Design, Environmental Services, Construction Inspection, and Utility Coordination