Pulaski County Bridge No. 291 / CR 625 E over Tippecanoe River

Pulaski County Commissioners

Project Description: Pulaski County Bridge No. 291 carries CR 625 E over the Tippecanoe River on the north edge of Monterey, Indiana. The existing historical structure is a polygonal-chord Warren Pony Truss built in 1948. The replacement project included bypassing the existing bridge which became a pedestrian crossing. Endangered mussels were found near this site so the replacement structure was designed as a single-span bridge to keep construction work out of the channel. As a result, the project did not negatively impact the Federally-endangered clubshell mussel (Pleurobema clava) or the Indiana endangered sheepnose mussel (Plethobasus cyphyus).

Considerable savings were realized with this approach by eliminating a fish and mussel survey, biological assessment, and potential mitigation that may have been required. Further design and construction savings were realized by eliminating interior piers in the channel which would have required cofferdams.

This project required the completion of an environmental document to qualify for Federal funding and a Categorical Exclusion, Level IV was provided.

Approximate Construction Cost: $1,200,000

Breadth of Services Provided: Survey, Right-of-Way Engineering, Bridge Design, Roadway Design, Utility Coordination, Project Permitting, and Construction Inspection