Pigeon Creek Greenway Bicycle & Pedestrian System

City of Evansville, Indiana

Project Description: 

Phase 3:  Marchand Bridge Connector. This phase was a 10 foot-wide asphalt trail path with concrete edgings connecting the main trail path just north of Ohio Street to the Marchand Bridge Overlook. The construction included trail path, trail lighting, landscaping, and fencing.

Phase 6:  A 10 foot-wide asphalt trail path with concrete edgings. This phase begins at the Uhlhorn Street Trailhead and travels 7/8 mile along Pigeon Creek and the Pigeon Creek Levee and ends at an overlook of Pigeon Creek near Fulton Avenue. The construction included the trail path, landscaping, connectors to Cedar Street and Fulton Avenue, and MSE walls for the overlook.

Approximate Project Cost:  $921,000

Breadth of Services Provided:  Construction Inspection