Olio Road Between 96th Street and Geist Reservoir

Hamilton County Highway Department

Project Description: This urban project included realignment, reconstruction, and widening of Olio Road from 96th Street to Geist Reservoir. The project realigned 104th Street to intersect Olio Road at Springstone Road. This allowed for a single intersection at Olio Road that provided a safer route to the school on 104th Street along with a new traffic signal, new enclosed storm drainage, sidewalk, curb and gutter, and a left-turn lane.

The project completed a critical north-south corridor in Hamilton County. The roadway is four lanes with a center median, dedicated left-turn lanes, curbs, gutters, and multi-use paths.

Approximate Construction Cost: $6,500,000

Breadth of Services Provided: Design Survey, Traffic Data Collection, Environmental Assessment, Design Engineering, Right-of-Way Engineering, Land Acquisition Services, and Construction Inspection