Construction of Monon Greenway over Carmel Drive

City of Carmel

Project Description:  The three-span bridge design included a steel bowstring truss spanning Carmel Drive.  The Monon Greenway was elevated by soldier pile and concrete panel retaining walls faced with brick which stretch approximately 600 feet north and south of Carmel Drive.  Acrylic panels were provided on the inside of the main truss elements to prevent incidental objects from falling onto Carmel Drive and to provide the users of the structure a sense of separation from the traffic below.  A secondary path was provided to allow access to the Monon for pedestrians walking along Carmel Drive.  Plazas were provided under the bridge end-spans providing users with rest areas, as well as access to the Monon Greenway.

Approximate Project Cost:  $3,300,000

Breadth of Services Provided:  Alignment Design, Retaining Wall Design, Bridge Design, Site Design, Path Design, and Construction Inspection