Monon Greenway over 146th Street

Hamilton County Commissioners

Project Description:  The Monon Greenway serves pedestrian and non-motorized vehicles utilizing abandoned railroad roadbeds for recreational purposes.  The trail unites the Monon Trail between the cities of Carmel and Westfield.  The new bridge not only connects the Carmel and Westfield portion of the greenway but provides improved safety for users of the trail.

The project was initiated by the Hamilton County Commissioners in an effort to provide separation for the Monon pedestrian traffic from the recently reconstructed 146th Street.

United Consulting engineers designed the pedestrian bridge to resemble an older railroad structure that pays homage to the history of the Monon corridor.  Large, limestone-type modular blocks were utilized to create the greenway separation. The bridge includes five separate spans with the main span being a 108-foot bowstring truss. To create a separation between the pedestrians and the traffic on 146th street, an acrylic barrier was used on the main span.

Secondary access paths were created to connect the pedestrians to the sidewalk facilities on 146th Street. Sitting plazas were created on either side of 146th Street to provide pedestrians an area to congregate before continuing to their destination.

Approximate Construction Cost: $2,567,000

Breadth of Services Provided: Survey, Utility Coordination, Retaining Wall Design, Pier Design, Structure Layout, and Site Design