I-69 Operation Indy Commute

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), Marion and Hamilton Counties

Project Description:  The Operation Indy Commute project consists of interchange modifications at 116th Street and SR37, ramp improvements at 116th Street, added travel lanes to I-69, added auxiliary lanes to I-69, collector/distributor improvements at SR37, and grade separations at 116th Street and SR 37 on the I-69 Corridor in Marion and Hamilton Counties.

The north contract was a Fast Track project in development for just eight months, and included a new two-lane northbound SR 37 ramp over I-69 in Hamilton County as well as an uninterrupted southbound I-69 exit ramp to 116th Street.  The south contract included nearly five miles of new auxiliary lane construction on the outside of the existing roadway, and the addition of a southbound inside thru-lane.

This project was schedule-driven because additional capacity was needed immediately due to the extremely high number of commuters traveling on this portion of I-69. INDOT staff was scheduled to perform the survey for this project; however, once the aggressive schedule was defined, INDOT requested assistance from United Consulting to complete the survey on-time. A Location Control Route Survey Plat existed along I-69 from I-465 to 96th Street from the adjacent I-465 Project. United Consulting provided the location control route survey from 96th Street to just northeast of the Cumberland Road Bridge over I-69. This portion of the project included interchanges at 96th Street, 116th Street, and SR 37.

United Consulting’s survey staff coordinated with INDOT’s Land & Aerial Survey Manager, to incorporate INDOT’s control from their aerial survey and schedule and share survey information in short order due to the urgency of the work.

Upon completion of the Location Control Route Survey, which included property owner research, field locations of public land survey system corner monuments, property corner monuments, center-line monuments, fences and right-of-way markers, establishment and setting reference monuments for horizontal alignments, and establishment of existing rights-of-ways and property lines, United Consulting offered additional survey staff in order to help with the collection of the ground supplemental topography. However, INDOT’s survey staff was able to complete the additional ground supplemental topography on schedule.

Approximate Project Cost:  $31,500,000

Breadth of Services Provided:  Scope Development, Environmental Document, Supplemental Topographic Survey, Location Control Route Survey, Highway Design, Bridge Design, Regulatory Permit Acquisition, Utility Coordination, and Construction Inspection