Anderson University Streetscape

City of Anderson

Project Description:  A project approximately 200 feet in length which included the removal of all on-street parking on 5th Street and College Avenue and reducing the width of 5th Street and College Avenue to 24 feet while still allowing for two-way traffic on these streets. In addition, unique pedestrian crossings with texture concrete pavers were created. Between the new curb line and sidewalks, landscaped buffer areas were established for motorists and pedestrians.

The project included the removal of all street parking by reducing the existing lane widths. The area was then made more pedestrian friendly by implementing unique pedestrian crossings with textured concrete pavers and landscaped areas. In order to achieve the new look, the project worked directly with the City of Anderson and Anderson University representatives. Specific colors and textures were approved through the use of shop drawings and in-field mockups. Ornamental lighting was a major component of providing the project with a decorative look and feel while providing students, staff and patrons the needed safety and security. The unique demands of this project required the installation of 40 new lighting structures and 42 lighting hand-holes composed of nearly one mile of conduit and two miles of wire within a road way length of 2,000 feet.

Approximate Construction Cost:  $2,000,000

Breadth of Services Provided:  Survey, Alignment Study, Transportation Engineering, and Construction Inspection