On October 5th, grouting operations proceeded on the Virginia Avenue over NB I-65 bridge.  The coping beam which was struck and damaged in February 2013 was replaced without removal of the existing deck.  Once the new girder was in place, crews injected grout in the void between the deck and the girder to make the system composite.  This operation will also take place on the Virginia Avenue over SB I-65 bridge.  Both operations are part of the overall I-65/I-70 South Split project.

The I-65/I-70 South Split project will reconstruct and lower one-half mile of pavement beneath seven bridges. The project is necessary to increase bridge clearances and reduce the potential for collisions from unpermitted and off-route trucks with oversize and unsecure loads. Repeated bridge strikes from these trucks continue to pose a safety concern.

The bridges at Virginia, Fletcher, Calvary and Morris have vertical clearances ranging from 13 feet 11 inches to 14 feet 6 inches. This project will increase the vertical clearance of each structure to at least 14 feet 9 inches by reconstructing and lowering the pavement. The new pavement will be built of continuously reinforced concrete, which is held tightly together with reinforcing steel and does not require contraction joints. This pavement will withstand traffic loads and adverse environmental conditions, decrease maintenance and user delays, and remain in service well into the next generation.

United Consulting is providing survey, road design, bridge design, and construction inspection services on this project.