United Consulting is committed to reducing waste and protecting the environment. To that end, we’ve undertaken several company-wide initiatives to become a greener company:

Recycled Paper: We recycle over 23,400 lbs. of paper-based material per year. As a result, we save over 200 trees annually. In addition, many of the multi-paged reports that were previously printed are now in an electronic format that dramatically cuts down on paper consumption.

Reused Packaging: We make a conscious effort to reuse applicable envelopes, tubes, and boxes. Not only does this save trees, but it also reduces the amount of air and water pollution by manufacturing less.

Computer Donations: As our computers are upgraded and replaced, we donate for refurbishment or to non-profit organizations. This helps prevent landfill contamination which can result in dangerous toxins being released into the earth.

Batteries: In landfills, heavy metals from batteries have the potential to leach slowly into the soil, ground water, and surface water. We use only rechargeable batteries. This helps reduce landfill space and decrease contamination.

Building Upgrades: All of our plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic building upgrades are executed to minimize environmental impact. Also, we use natural ventilation, compact fluorescent lighting, and water efficient bathroom fixtures.