Team Building Fun

What!?  Seriously — we get to spend four hours away from the office while getting paid, enjoying free pizza, and participating in a little, friendly bowling competition?

United hit the lanes at All-Star Bowl during normal office hours to score quality team building time with co-workers in a non-work environment. The event was planned in an effort to mix things up and provide employees with an opportunity for promoting and strengthening companywide camaraderie. Teams consisting of four bowlers were pre-selected to include teammates from various departments who might not necessarily work together on a regular basis. Captains were randomly assigned for each team through the luck of the draw. The first task for each team was to collaborate on a team name for each group. Team names ranged from The Bowling Stones; Livin’ on a Spare; and The Holy Rollers to We Don’t Give a Split; Minds in the Gutter; and Split Happens.

The day of the event was cold and rainy outside; but inside the bowling alley, the lanes heated up as 72 bowlers took their marks and aimed for the pins, looking for the sweet spot in the pocket and hoping for a lot of pin action. The stakes for bragging rights were high with one simple goal have fun and build friendships.

The event had it all  strikes, splits, spares, and gutter balls. Teams bowled two games each, breaking for lunch between games. In the end, everyone walked away a winner for having participated; but as with every competition, top scores validated winning placements. The Gutter Gang walked away with a First Place Victory, with Bowlevard of Broken Dreams placing second, and 4 Degrees rolling in third.