3rd Annual Steps Fitness Challenge

The United Steps Fitness Challenge, organized by United’s Culture Committee, is a three-month long step competition with different prizes for each month. The 2020 program began on May 1st and ended on July 31st.

The monthly prizes were awarded through achieving the criteria as shown below corresponding to the month.

MAY: Individual Participants: The top five participants with the most steps won a $20 gift card to a local restaurant.

JUNE: Directional Showdown:  Each side of the building (East vs. West)  competed to have the most steps/person.  This year, the East side won for a second consecutive year and a plate was added to the traveling trophy which is prominently displayed in the East Conference Room.

JULY: Company Challenge: All the participants in the challenge collectively reached just under 10 million steps and fell shy of the pre-determined 11 million steps goal. If the goal had been achieved, each participant would have received a $50 gift card.  Better luck next year!  😎