2019 Halloween Bash & Chili Cook-Off

From Toy Story to Super Mario Brothers to Uncle Sam and everything in between, United’s Annual Halloween Bash had it all  — Chili Cook-off, Costume Contest, and Pumpkin Carving Contest.  This year even included a Parade of Costumes around the office which ended downstairs with a group photo.

A total of 51 employees dressed incognito and strutted their stuff in hopes of snagging of one of the nine available rewards for individual competitions or the one top dog spot in the team competition. 

The breakdown of the 51 participants was as follows: 32 people merged to create five different groups to compete in the team competition while the remaining 19 donned costumes and decided to fly solo in the individual competition. 

The chili cook-off competition was divided into three categories — Noodles, No Noodles, and Spicy.

The pumpkin carving contest consisted of four entries. 

All competitive judging was completed through employees casting votes for their favorite costumes, chili in each category, and carved pumpkin.