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City of Jeffersonville, IN / June 11, 2019 / 10th Street End of Construction Ceremony

With the ceremonious tossing of the last construction barrel into the dumpster, city of Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore officially declared the year and a half-long 10th Street reconstruction project complete. The city of Jeffersonville hosted an End of Construction Ceremony to celebrate the disappearance of the orange cone zone — initiating the beginning of enhanced traffic flow and new benefits to the community.

Highlights of the 10th Street project included:

  • Roadway replacement and widening of 10th Street from Penn Street to Reeds Lane (1.4 miles)
  • Pedestrian improvements with ADA compliant crossings and the addition of two miles of newly created sidewalk for improved pedestrian travel
  • Traffic signal upgrades at four intersections
  • Improved visibility at night through new decorative street lighting along both sides of project
  • New sanitary sewer throughout the project limits
  • Stormwater drainage improvements (nearly 3.0 miles)
  • Construction cost: $13,500,000

The project utilized TIF funds and United provided construction inspection services and land acquisition for the project.