Rocket Day 2017


How do you unleash the creative genius that resides deep within the minds of engineers?   You host an annual United Rocket Day Competition —  of course!

The stakes for Rocket Day 2017 were raised as the competition boasted not only bragging rights and the coveted money rewards; but, this year also included spiffy, new, customized trophies to recognize the top spot for each category. The second Annual United Rocket Day proved to be bigger and better than the first with participants talkin’ the talk and walkin’ the walk all the way to the end of the competition.

Judging for the event consisted of criteria based on both appearance and functionality.  Individual categories include Tallest, Smallest, Craziest, Best-looking, and Closest to the Target.

The rules governing the competition are quite simple:

  1. Entries must resemble a rocket.
  2. Each entry must have at least three fins.
  3. The entry must launch and stay in the air for a minimum of at least 10 seconds.

For United’s Rocket Day 2017, the competition’s biggest challenge proved to be finding a dry day to host the launching portion of the contest. The rocket launch was post-poned twice by rainy conditions, proving once again that the third time really is a charm!